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Our Karate Birthday Parties

Watching  programs like Power Rangers, Naruto, Avatar, Dragon Ball Z and other cartoon or action movie characters kicking and punching their way out of trouble has made karate "cool" in today’s childrens’ eyes. It also explains why Martial Arts have become a popular birthday party theme.
At Academy for Karate Goju Ryu (AKG), children enjoy our karate birthday parties because they get the chance to learn and try out new moves and be involved in games.

The question arises as to just what is a Karate Birthday Party? 

It is more than just a party with pizza and cake.  It adds an additional flair to a child’s birthday party – participation.   What better way to engage the wonderful and creative mind of a child than through participation.  No longer will children just sit around to have cake and ice cream, at a AKG Karate Birthday Party, all children get to have fun and play. 

Our birthday party has a programme similar to that of our classes as well as games. Each minute is filled with fun, safe and meaningful activities. Since our instructors are Certified Martial Arts Instructors as well as CRB cleared, you are assured that your child and guests are safe at the hands of professional instructors.

Children find a message of personal development and positive re-enforcement in every skill and drill and game that the children participate in. You will not see children running around in an uncontrolled environment, or standing around looking bored.

Our karate birthday party is fast paced, fun and action filled, packed with lots of excitement and one that gives us repeat customers time and again.

We also teach them life skills, emphasizing the importance of being respectful to their parents, how to focus in school, how to be leaders in their community and how to resolve conflicts and arguments in a non-violent manner. Kids have fun while they learn safe and basic karate skills!

Tell your guests that no one needs Martial Arts experience. So everybody 4 years old & up will be able to join in. We require 2-3 week advance reservation of the party in order to secure a booking.

Foremost, we are fully committed in making your child's Birthday Party to be as memorable as possible.

Call our academy for more information on how to book your child's karate birthday party!

Birthday Party

Add this verse and party details inside:

Punches and blocks, spins and kicks, 
are all good fun karate tricks, 
it's how ninjas learn to make good sense
Of the art of self defence.
So join us for karate fun,
RSVP if you can come!

Remind guests to dress comfortably. Tracksuit bottoms and T-shirts would be best.


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