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WHY Karate for CHILDREN?

Your Questions answered)


Do you want a happier and high spirited child ?

Our proven reward system will improve your child's self-esteem. We can not think of a better reason for children to study Goju-Ryu.

Because the students are allowed to progress individually, Goju-Ryu excels over team sports where many of our children never share in the limelight. Our belt rank system allows the students to display and reaffirm their accomplishments while learning to set higher goals.


Do you want a more self-disciplined child ?

Parents really appreciate our discipline the most, although our karate classes are also fun and exciting. Our classes teach correct behaviour and positive attitudes that show up at school and at home.


Do you want a more self-control and balanced Child ?

Our karate classes help children channel their aggression. Doctors and psychologists very often prescribe karate training to help children learn to focus their energy in a positive manner.

Children with ADD, ADHD, and other learning disabilities learn to concentrate better and expand their attention span.


Do want your Child to look and feel more confident

Confidence is one of the most important traits for children to develop early in life, especially for dealing with negative peer pressure. Confidence will empower your child with the ability to make correct moral judgments. Our classes give children confidence through mastery of technique, superior physical fitness, constant praise, positive critiques, and by helping them to attain goals set by the instructors. Confidence-building drills and the performance of technique helps replace shyness with assertiveness


Do you want to be worry FREE about your child safety ?

In today's society it is becoming increasingly necessary to possess practical and proven self-defence methods. Our classes emphasize the prevention of a confrontation. However, there are appropriate times to make a stand. It is at those times that your child should have the best techniques and training possible to ensure his or her safety. And with continued supervised practice, your child will have the skills to react appropriately to danger


Have your child been diagnosed with ADHD and other Learning Disabilities ?

Strenuous exercise can be a huge benefit for children with ADD/ADHD. They have energy to burn, and organized sports and other physical activities can help them focus their attention on specific movements and skills. Exercise also improves concentration, decreases depression and anxiety, and promotes brain growth.

Children with learning disabilities will benefit from martial arts training, karate and yoga, which enhance mental control as they work out the body.

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