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About AKG

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Instructor Accreditation

AKG can only maintain its excellence in the teaching of karate through the quality of its instructors. The qualities AKG requires of its instructors relate to their abilities in karate, their teaching skills and their personal attributes as individuals.

As a large national martial arts organisation, AKG is able to ensure that high standards apply throughout its various branches through the application of its Instructor Accreditation Program.

In order to become a AKG accredited instructor, an individual must undertake a three stage program. Firstly we undertake the appropriate police checks to ensure that there is nothing in the background of a potential instructor which would give AKG cause for concern. AKG requires its instructors to be of good character, and such checks are important, particularly when instructors are entrusted with the care of children. Secondly, we require that an instructor successfully undertakes an appropriate level first aid course. Thirdly, an individual is assessed by the Chief Instructor on his or her skills in both technical karate and the ability to teach.

An instructor who completes the program is issued with a certificate to indicate their status as an accredited instructor which is available for public inspection. Their accreditation will continue for so long as AKG is satisfied that the instructor continues to adhere to the high standards required by AKG.



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